Economic Empowerment Program

Training Programs

The Entrepreneurship Program began in 2015 to give the graduates of the vocational training program entrepreneurship training as well.  The Y quickly expanded the program to the general public, opening applications to students, and adults that have small business or are planning to start one.  The program has about 18 beneficiaries each year.


Entrepreneurial skills training addresses:


Mental Ability & Mindset

• Psychological tips to empower business mind

• Self-Awareness

• Emotional intelligence as success factor

• The requirements to be an entrepreneur

• Learning to be mentally present to succeed

• Successful behaviors

• Learning productive habits


Tips & Professional Advice

• The use of social media to supercharge businesses (facebook, linkin, ..)

• Sales pitfalls that could hurt business long term viability

• Secrets to achieving customer loyalty

• How to avoid roadblocks that are getting in the way of business

• Preventing business meltdown

• How to get prospective customers to choose you

• Rules for a productive meeting

• Avoiding entrepreneurial mistakes


Essential Knowledge

• Marketing strategies for gaining influential customers

• Essential startup expenses

• Preparation of business plan updates to renew drive and focus

• Cash flow essentials

• How to determine what you should charge customers

• Time management

• Learn about circle of influence in business