Agriculture & Environment Program

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Our department works within the agricultural and environmental sectors to help protect Lebanon’s natural resources and enhance the livelihood of our rural communities. Within the scope of agricultural work, our department focuses on enhancing rural infrastructure in Lebanon (for example by building or maintaining agricultural roads and retention ponds), as well as providing job opportunities to rural communities, especially in the agri-business sector. We train local communities in fields such as food processing, development of new agricultural techniques, creation of public-private linkages for purposes of economic development, and providing extension center services to rural farmers.


We also work specifically to protect the natural environment, for example by providing solutions to waste management through the establishment of solid waste and waste water treatment facilities.  In partnership with the Ministry of Agriculture we help support resource preservation by conducting studies on forest management, sustainable land management, and water conservation.




Our Main Goals

  • Improvement of Lebanon's agriculture infrastructure (access roads, irrigation network, improving access to water resources)
  • Development of the technical capacities of the main actors
  • Formation of formal and informal groups of stakeholders
  • Introduction of new actors for the sector (youth involvement and women contribution)
  • Introduction of new techniques and production systems more competitive in quality and quantity
  • Conservation and protection of the natural resources


Our most recent program is assisting the Ministry of Environment in protecting Lebanon’s ecosystems through inspection visits to nature reserves and natural sites, and controlling pollution sources by monitoring quarries, industries, healthcare facilities, and newly proposed developmental projects. Additionally, we aid the Ministry of Environment in following up on environmental complaints and inspecting potentially environmentally hazardous facilities.


The YMCA Agriculture & Environment department hopes that through these programs we will help to strengthen Lebanon’s struggling agricultural sector, while conserving our natural resources to benefit future generations.