About the YMCA Lebanon

Our mission is to develop the body, mind and spirit of young people irrespective of their religion, political affiliation, color or creed.

The objective of the YMCA is to instill in its members a strong moral foundation and to improve their spiritual, mental, and physical development while providing them with the necessary tools to help build a stronger, healthier society.


Who We Are

The YMCA of Lebanon shares with its sister organizations all over the world the goal of fostering the development of healthy body, mind, and spirit for all human beings.


Being an active member of the Lebanese NGO community, the YMCA strives to be a place where people volunteer to share the pain and joy of others.  We are working towards meeting the challenging task of healing the many wounds of the past wars while also building a just and prosperous future for all Lebanese citizens.  We look to serve all Lebanese and those on Lebanese soil regardless of their color, race, religion, sex and/or political affiliations.


Recognizing its historical responsibility to the people of Lebanon, the YMCA walks forward hand in hand with other NGOs, both international and local, as well as with government organizations and other institutions to help build a better Lebanon.



Our Board of Directors


Chairman: Mr. Ghassan Sayah


Vice-Chairman: Mrs. Sohaila Hayek


Secretary: Ms. Rana El-Khoury


Treasurer: Mr. Tony Frem


Board Member: Dr. Albert Jokhadar


Board Member: Dr. Mounir Doumit


Board Member: Mr. Georges Assaf


Chief Executive Officer: Mr. Issam Bishara


The YMCA Lebanon is a non-profit, local organization, originally founded in 1890 as a charitable association to serve the needs of young people. Since then, the YMCA has expanded the reach of its programs in response to the country's changing dynamics, becoming one of Lebanon's leading national civil society organizations.


YMCA operates with an even-handed approach, targeting all Lebanese people regardless of political, religious, sectarian or geographic affiliations, and regardless of age or gender. The organization has historically focused on a comprehensive approach to national development that benefits the most disadvantaged and marginalized population in Lebanon by addressing their needs in education, child protection, health and medical support, and economic support.


We have worked and continue to work with over 400 local organizations, municipalities, and schools from all areas of Lebanon. The YMCA also runs extensive programs on environmental protection and preservation, agriculture, rural development, capacity building, youth activities, good governance, and vocational training in order to best serve the Lebanese community as a whole.