Atayeb el Rif Program



The Atayeb al Rif program has two main focuses; product marketing for rural food processing centers, and rural development through creating job opportunities. 


Our program aims to create sustainable economic cycles that begin with promoting local agriculture, and end with clean, healthy products, and which benefit both the cooperatives and their local rural communities.  We are particularly dedicated to women’s empowerment, but we also work with other demographics such as farmers, people with special needs, and the displaced. 



Who We Are

Atayeb Al Rif (arabic for "Rural Delights") is a marketing cooperative that was established in 2002 at the culmination of a YMCA development program called SMART.  SMART aimed to provide rural women in Lebanon with income generating opportunities; the original program established food processing centers (coops) throughout Lebanon.  Atayeb al Rif continues to support these female-headed cooperatives by helping to market their products under the brand name "Lebanese Village Products". 


Currently we work with 35 to 40 coops & SMEs throughout the country.  We are one of the few organizations that are able to operate across the entire Lebanese territory, which gives us the benefit of an extensive marketing network. For more information, follow our Facebook page here.




All of the products we market are made from high quality raw material and locally sourced produce; they are naturally processed without preservatives or colorants.  Part of our program’s aim is to help preserve the Lebanese food culture by bringing together the country and city.  Our products are 100% authentic Lebanese, following the traditional recipes, while respecting the requirements and standards of food safety.