Atayeb el Rif Program

Hiyam al Gharib

/ Ayn Al Arish Aita Al Fekhar Coop
"   Hiyam is one of Altayeb el Rif's trainees that has been highly successful in our program.  Following her training with us in food production, she became the main provider for her family,...

Angele Ishak

/ Dier el Ahmar Coop
"   Angele began a business after being trained by YMCA Lebanon through Atayeb Al Rif.  She formed a production center and today leads over 40 women in producing high quality goods. She has been so...

Samira Zgheib

/ Kfardebian Cooperative
"   Samira is one of the women we trained in the Kfardebian Cooperative.  After her training with Atayeb Al Rif, Samira invested her free time into food processing and became known for developing...