Youth Program

Our Values

Our goal at the YMCA Youth Program is to promote the values of democracy:


1. Freedom of expression

Allowing a multitude of opinions to be expressed in various situations and circumstances


2. Equality

The principle of equal participation and oppertunities for all individuals so that all can participate in a decision-making process.


3. Openness

Showing mutual respect by accepting people’s different opinions and beliefs.


4. Dialogue

Using dialogue for conflict resolution, either by listening to each other’s opinions or by working to understand differing points of view.


5. Appreciation

Appreciating human potential and recognizing that every individual has an important role to play within his/her community.


6. Human rights

Our duties to our communities, by understanding the important duties of each individual in his/her community to respect public liberties and create an open and tolerate society.




Our Projects


Program Overview

The Youth Program aims to introduce the principles and values associated with democracy, and to encourage youth to implement these values into their daily life.  Our program consists of three parts, our summer and day camps work with children ages 6 to 12, our community service program for teenagers ages 13 to 17, and training and awareness sessions for youth ages 18 to 35.  


The YMCA Youth Program is run primarily in Ras El Maten, a mountainous region with stunning views, at our Fares Camp, which is 30 minutes outside of Beirut.  We also run a ten-day cultural exchange program with expatriate Lebanese youth from around the world, encouraging them to visit their homeland and families within Lebanon.