Child Social and Financial Education Program

Our Programs

Aflatoun, which focuses on kids age 7 - 14, is our largest program to date.  Around 12,000-15,000 children go through this program each year.  We work with schools and municipalities across Lebanon, including in the North, Bekaa, South, Beirut, Mount Lebanon, and Hammana.  In 2016 we expanded the program to include the Chouf, Rashaya, and Hasbaya.  The program teaches our five core elements through interactive lessons such as games, songs, drawing, and outdoor activities.  We strive to give adolescents a sense of empowerment through engaging them in themes such as saving, spending, and children’s rights.  The program is formed around a formation of a community within the classroom, striving to teach children to work together and improve their community economically through lessons on opening a business, managing savings, and developing the community overall.