Economic Empowerment Program

Training Programs

The Vocational Training program’s goal is to provide women and youth with basic skills to enter into the marketplace.  Each year the YMCA trains about 40 people in vocational skills such as cosmetics, electrical wiring, aluminum installation & maintenance, confection and pastry, and computer maintenance.  The trainees acquire substantial amount of theoretical and practical skills in each of the vocational trainings mentioned. In addition, all the beneficiaries are supplied startup tool kits that can be used for small jobs. Each trainee fills a basic assessment within the application form during the term, and bi-weekly follow up meetings are held by YMCA administrative team and trainers to discuss the progression of the training and the impact on each individual.


Another part of vocational training that the Y engages in with these participants is Contractual Training.  Contractual Training was added originally because during the Vocational Training the YMCA found that many of the beneficiaries did not have the basic skills to be self-employed.  To this end, budgeting, working with clients, applying for jobs, etc were skillsets that needed to be addressed.  These training sessions are condensed into 9 days, with highly informative sessions.  A basic assessment is also given to the participants along with a final appraisal to measure the increase in knowledge base, and to make sure that they are retaining this information.  The following themes were provided during the training sessions:


1. Communication skills

2. Team work

3. Basic of management

4. Organizational skills and leadership

5. Career planning

6. Resume preparation and Interview skills

7. Basics of accounting

8. Customer services

9. Labor law and contracts

10. Microcredit and Micro financing