Youth Program

Staff Placement at the World YMCA (Geneva)


This year our Youth Department head, Claude Geagea, participated in the Staff Placement at the World YMCA.  Staff placement is an opportunity for YMCA staff  around the world to learn more about the Global YMCA and its programs. It is also a chance to be involved in the international projects and provide support when needed. 


“It’s an amazing opportunity, it enhanced my feeling of connection to the YMCA and to its goals and values. Throughout this experience I was enthusiastic to see that all the YMCAs address the same goals and values, but that they also make sure that they are adjusting their programs to each country’s needs.”



The goal of the program is to have a exchange of YMCA leaders from around the world to see how different YMCA’s function, as well as exchange ideas and values.  Claudia participated in 2015 in a three month staff placement in Switzerland from September 2015 until November 2015.   She was thrilled to have the opportunity to take part in the global staff placement and to be engaged in Youth Empowerment activities during her trip.  She was specifically involved in the One Million Voices survey, the Change Agents Program, and the Climate Change event.