Atayeb el Rif Program

Souk al Akel



From June 9th to June 18th, Atayeb el Rif participated in Souk al Akel in Tripoli.  Souk al Akel is a street food market & food celebration that aims to showcase Leanon's vibrant culinary culture.  It is set in a different area in Lebanon each time, encouraging people to explore the country & its local produce.


This event was held to celebrate the Holy Month of Ramadan, running specifically from Iftar to Souhour.  Atayeb al Rif had a stand selling jams, oils, herbs, and mouneh, all made by their cooperatives from high quality raw material and locally sourced produce.  The team had a great time participating in the Tripoli fair, and hope to be involved in Souk al Akel again soon!