Child Social and Financial Education Program


Driving to the shop for groceries



Beirut, Lebanon. In a collaboration between YMCA Lebanon, Enfants Sans Frontiers and the Municipality of Jdeideh the Jdeideh Aflatoun community club is organized on Saturdays. 
Every week a group of 40 to 50 children comes together to learn and play in their Aflatoun community club.Today they are playing the 'Game of Life'. The kids organized their own shops, with hair products, clothes, gasoline, food and more. This way they could make money, but, while driving around their town they also needed products from the other shops. (Monopoly money was used) 
How will they keep their spending within their budget? And how much should they price their own products to make sure they have enough money to pay for the gasoline to drive home... Oh, and don't forget you will need money to pay for the ticket if you drive through a red light! 

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Aflatoun Community Club Jdeideh




Shop owner happy with his earnings!