Agriculture & Environment Program

Environmental Watchdogs Project / Ministry of Environment

From 2013 to date, the YMCA has been engaged with the Ministry of Environment (MoE) in the environmental monitoring process through the implementation of several initiatives under the Institutional Strengthening (IS) MoE project, and most lately through the “Environmental Watchdogs for Environmental Protection” initiative. This collaboration has proven to be successful, working at different levels and with different services at the ministry. As a result, improvements and positive development were noted through the project and are summarized as follows:


  • MoE constantly informed and updated on the actual situation onsite through regular scheduled visits

  • Immediate response to MoE’s urgent inspection requests facilitated by the flexibility and outreach of the YMCA project team

  • Increased possibility for the MoE to take prompt actions as a result of  YMCA’s regular inspections and immediate response

  • Witnessing onsite progress through regular YMCA inspections as a result of the collaboration from the local authorities/individuals to apply the laws and improve the environmental situation onsite

  • Developing and standardizing comprehensive inspection sheets in collaboration with MoE and UNDP team