Youth Program

Training Programs

The Youth Program conducts various trainings throughout the year in order to support their programs, the most basic of which is the Counselor Training. 


This training is primarily given to university students, age 18-25, who are interested in working for the YMCA summer camp.  The beneficiaries come from across the country, in accordance with our principals of diversity and tolerance.  The counselor training prepares these students to work with children age 6-12, and age 13-17, in a camp setting.  This includes the theoretical understanding behind our activities, specifically incorporating our democratic values, as well as how to plan and run activities such as games, songs, outdoor activities and trips for either children or teenagers.


We have at least two trainings a year, with about 70 beneficiaries per training.  Outside of our own programming, we also offer the trainings to different NGOs who are interested in counselor training with a focus on peacebuilding.