Child Social and Financial Education Program

Training of Professionals working with children living with disorders

Social and Financial education

Training of Trainers

On September 20th, 2018, YMCA Lebanon initiated a training of trainers for 2 NGOs:

 Nour el Alam, and Home of Hope

on social and financial education with the support of YMCA youth volunteers.






The training engaged professionals working with children living with disorders or who are marginalized and come from different backgrounds.  







The workshop covered the importance of integrating people living with disorders in the curriculum.



For three consecutive days, the trainees along with the YMCA youth volunteers worked on and practiced different active learning techniques that helped them better understand the principles of social and financial education and invest more on inclusion principles. 






The trainees were able to play the role of children and act like teenagers with disorders to finally extract the needed solutions and the best practical ways to reach the desired objective: social and financial education.  





To save does not only mean financial saving but also refers to the social saving which is equally important, especially that it widens the scope of the beneficiaries to think of charity based end actions.