Child Social and Financial Education Program


Children of a Sin-El-Fil school discuss their project with children in a Russian Aflatoun Club



Beirut, Lebanon. The Municipality of Biakout is the second Municipality in Beirut, after Sin-El-Fil, that joined the Aflatoun movement by partnering up with YMCA Lebanon on reaching out to children and youth through Aflatoun empowerment programmes. 
Fady Khoury, Aflatoun programme manager at YMCA Lebanon, has been working closely with Claude Geagea (YMCA Youth department) with the mayors and staff of the Biakout and Sin-el-Fil municipalities to develop a partnership. Through this partnership, the municipalities and YMCA Lebanon are working on strengthening the socio-economic opportunities of Lebanese children and youth. 
The students do not only learn about money but, also how to conserve the nature around them or support another member of their community. In Sin-el-Fil the children even discussed their environment project through Skype with a group of Russian grade 8 students who are participating in the Aflatoun programme. A bright future ahead for these global, social and financially savvy citizens. 


Municipality of Biakout joined the Aflatoun movement in Lebanon to strengthen their community through Aflatoun child and youth empowerment programmes