Medical Program

Prevention Education

The Prevention Education program’s purpose is to educate patients, doctors, and the parents of patients on health and chronic diseases.  The program is run in all the dispensary centers, and supports about 20 to 25 trainings per year around Lebanon.  The program includes sharing information on public health issues such as smoking and hygiene, as well as health problems and chronic diseases such as cardio vascular issues, diabetes, asthma, hypertension, and epilepsy.  The goal is to prevent chronic disease by educating the population most at risk to develop them.


The primary healthcare program also runs prevention education session in prisons, particularly for women, the elderly, and minors.  The education is centered around issues such as tobacco, hygiene, tuberculosis, hyper tension, etc, of which the prison population is particularly at risk.  We run around 10 sessions per year targeting about 120 women, while the youth and elder prison programs differ in number of sessions by topic.  


Finally, the prevention education program also runs trainings for the centers on topics such as proper management of patients, and prescriptions, targeting the employees and upper management of each center.  The Primary Healthcare program is designed to be focused on educating all levels of Lebanese society; patients, doctors, the public, and employees of the medical centers.