Medical Program


The center of the Medical Program’s operations is our warehouse, located in Sin el Fil.  The warehouse receives the shipments of medications, registers them in their system, and then distributes them to the centers according to each center’s needs.  The warehouse itself is temperature controlled to ensure that the medications are properly stored.


We have now 440 dispensaries located around the country.  217 of these dispensaries are not only dispensaries, they are also primary healthcare centers. These centers are accredited by the Canadian government.  They run many services and programs such as administering vaccines, OB-GYN services, dentistry, etc.


WHO & UNHCR are funding refugee’s healthcare.  They fund around $3 million worth of medication to supply displaced Syrians in Lebanon through the existing medical centers.  Medication is given on a monthly basis, with the same regulations as for the Lebanese (they must have a prescription from a doctor at the center, and visit on a regular basis), but their care is funded by this program.


There are also a certain number of dispensaries located in the municipalities, to help the support the local communities.  The municipality dispensaries supply the same services but often have more support.  They are able to visit schools, homes, etc. and implement vaccination and awareness programs in communities more efficiently than a non-municipality center.