Medical Program

EU Funds training for Medical Staff

EU Funds training for Medical Staff

With the support of EU funds, YMCA organized training and awareness seminars for doctors, pharmacists, and healthcare workers of PHCs. The training was spread over 4 similar sessions, each of which was divided into two recipient groups:

  • Training for doctors and pharmacists on “the rational use of medicines”, conducted by Dr. Ghassan Hamadeh.

  • Training for healthcare workers on “the management of medicines and the role of health workers” provided by YMCA staff, Dr. Joseph Hallit, Pharmacist Marlene Zakhia, and Pharmacist Cynthia Kheir, assisted by three coordinators from the YMCA healthcare department. The training was prepared and supported by two operations officers, and one monitoring and evaluation officer.


  • Each full day training was divided into 3 sessions and elaborated the following:

    1. Storage of medicines and inventory management (Dr. Cynthia Kheir)

    2. Reporting procedures and use of templates (Dr. Marlene Zakhia)

    3. Role of the health worker (Dr. Joseph Hallit)


This training was a refresher course that aimed at increasing the quality of the provided services at the level of the PHCS.

Based on YMCA’s field visits and the monthly interaction with the PHC’s, the following needs were identified:

  • Increase the awareness of doctors to the need to prescribe generic medications as per the priorities set by the MOH.

  • Introduce the new medications (15 new medicines) on the chronic disease essential medications list. Update new PHC staff members on the YMCA distribution and reporting requirements to ensure proper flow of the MOH/YMCA medical assistance program for chronic diseases.

  • Raise awareness on the importance of storage and dispensing of chronic medications as per WHO guidelines.



71 PHCs and 62 health facilities were invited to these sessions; 64 doctors/pharmacists and 114 health workers attended the seminars.